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Small and Medium Business

Email Solutions


From desktop to cell phone, email has become an indispensible tool in business communications.  There are many email options available today. 


Email can be sent and received as long as you have access to the internet.  Many companies opt to host their email with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) while some companies prefer to control the email server themselves.


Whether you want your email available to you at all times or just while you are work, Get The Tech Out can help you determine the best fit for you and your company.

Web Access


The internet is an indispensable tool for accessing information.


Access speed has become the biggest concern as we use the internet more and more in our daily lives.


Let Get The Tech Out help you determine and implement the best value for your dollar without the confusion of all the numbers that are so prevalent with today's internet providers.


We can help you get connected and exchanging information over the web without the headache.

Security & Firewalls


We all know the need for security to protect your sensitive information.


Firewalls are essential to protect you and your company yet are so complex.  Let Get The Tech Out help you secure the outside perimeter of your network as well as the inside of your network.


From simple peer-to-peer security to complex multi-homed networks, Get The Tech Out can help you implement the security you need to comply with all regulations.

Database and File Access Management


The loss of information is a scary proposition in today's volatile world.


A robust and secure approach to managing your data is essential for success.


Get The Tech Out has the expertise to help you understand and manage the numerous databases and access rules for these databases.


Contact Get The Tech Out for a review of what we can do for you do manage your information.

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